Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Too Early!

The conversation between Eric and I as we got into bed last night:

Me: Set the alarm for 7:30, I'm supposed to go work out with Kayla in the morning.

Eric: Looks at me and laughs.

Me: I'm SERIOUS, set the alarm- I really am getting up.

Eric: Laughs some more. I'm not setting the alarm because you won't get up, then I will have to hit the snooze button for two hours.

I rolled over in a huff and set my phone alarm instead.
The joke is on Eric, because I did get up. At 7:30. In the morning. To work out. Yikes!! I'm not a morning person, by ANY means, so poor Eric took the brunt of that by trying to talk to me so early in the day. Where are am I going? Where do you THINK I'm going... Gaahhhh.

So we get to the gym, and I immediately ask her do we have to walk up the stairs today? Ha! No I'll just bring the gym down to us :) I only ask because I seriously am not sure if my legs bend anymore, and if I sit down- will I be able to get back up?!! Today was arm day and as I'm getting in my car and putting my seat belt on, I already feel it... can't wait for tomorrow when the soreness will be in full effect! Oh P.S., Kayla is totally in love with my manly arm muscles- almost made me blush, ha. It's great working out with your best friend, because we can be silly and laugh, but she will also crack her whip if I'm not doing something right. Oh yeah, she already had to crack that whip... on the second day. Sheesh, what are you going to do with me!

And I just wanted to tell you ladies: Thanks for all the support and encouragement in my comments and emails. I really appreciate it! Now... off to work, then going out to my mom's to meet her sweet new puppy and let my dogs ruuuun around and get super tired. Tired dogs are the best dogs! Have a great Friday!


Jacquie said...

That's FUNNY!! And that Kayla? Well, she's a girl after my own heart!!! I've taught her well!

Mrs. Nurse said...

I always hate going up stairs to my apt. after working out. Its kind of like I just worked out I don't want any more movement :) Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Great job, sounds like you're working hard!

Kayla said...

Hehe! I love you, friend!! See you in the morning for cardio??

The Graves Gang said...

WOW--- Working out 2 days in a row...You rock.. BUT that getting out of bed EARLY -- shows you are definately serious about getting back into shape...

Cheryl said...

Ugh, I suck so much at the gym.

KARA said...

totally pscyhed for you, getting up at 7.30 to train you rock.
Sounds like you will be super fit in no time at all.

MissJody said...

I LOOOVVVEEE getting up early! Love it! Hopefully you'll soon learn to like it!!