Tuesday, December 30, 2008

just call me rachel ray

so the french toast i was talking about? mmmm...
step 1:

step 2:

step 3:
{oh yeah, we use paper plates. classy til' the end :)}

and while i was on a roll, i thought i would make the dogs some cookies!
1cup milk
1cup peanut butter
2cups flour
1tbsp baking powder
and then i drizzled honey on them before i baked {350 for 15 min}

they look like that because some are turned upside down, and the honey i put on them before baking- but, hey, my dogs weren't complaining!!

i wasn't fast enough to catch sam!

off to clean the kitchen, shower, movie, then bed. starting tomorrow i work doubles for the next two days and then fri. morning and all day sat and sun. ahhhH!!!

now walk it out....

Yesterday the dogs and I went on a walk. I've never really walked both of them at the same time(alone), so we went around the block a few times to see how it was going to work out... mmmm, started out a little rough but got better. Sam has a thing about wanting a leash in his mouth at all times, he's my "helper" and he prances around in circles, jumping up and down, instead of walking. But once we got over that- it was smooth sailing. We crossed the street and walked along the sidewalk all the way to Harps and back. They didn't bark at people we passed, cars that went by, or dogs in fences- and I was a proud mom!

As soon as we got home, all three of us curled up in bed and watched t.v. You could tell how tired they really were, because when Eric got home they just lifted their heads from bed instead of the usual mad dash for the front door. We got a laugh out of that!

Well, my two days off work flew by so I better go get started on that to-do list I made...Sunday night :) And I told Eric I would make dinner tonight, I'm thinking french toast? Mmmmm!

Monday, December 29, 2008

look what i did:

eric and my mom both got me cupcake iron-on transfers, and while the boys were in the garage playing poker-- i started dazzling. that's right, if i had a bejelwer, i would go nuts. so i decided to do two things that i will usually have on me: camera case and a notebook (i make lots of lists, and usually have a notebook in my purse--except on the days i'm with kayla...then it seems like my purse is completely empty and i always have to defend myself as to why it's so light ;)) and it just so happens that i got new ones of each for christmas!

{i tried to rotate the picture, but it's being stubborn for some reason}
so, while i was at it- i decided to take some pictures of my kitchen, in all its cupcakey gloriness.

here is my window, looking into the backyard. {and dont judge me for the disgusting wallpaper, i had nothing to do with it.} and my mom did the little canvas paintings on the top- they are too cute!

and a close up to better see the cuteness. the three on the window ledge are birthday/christmas presents from my brother and sister. and the rest are just odds and ends- like a gift bag, and gift card holder that i found at a flea market.

here is my stove... you can't see that well, but they are cupcake christmas ornaments that i found at Oops in tonitown and the new pot holder and towel i got from my mom.

and last, my microwave.. the little cakes on top it are made out of old sweaters with little pins in them to look like sprinkles. my mom found someone to make them for me and they are my favorite thing in the kitchen. :)

i'm kind of running out of room- but looking at all the cupcakes make me smile because they are so fun and silly. better than roosters, eh? {haha, just kidding mom!}

off to go rescue chuy...he's staring at me all sad like through the pet gate. reminding me they haven't had dinner..sheesh

Saturday, December 27, 2008

you'reHOW old?

eric turned 30 yesterday!!I got him a fishing pole and a gift card, and my parents got him a gift card for food and minutes for his phone, and his mom sent him a Giants shirt and money-so what I'm trying to say is the old geezer made out like a bandit! I had to work a double yesterday, and he had to work at night.. so we didn't really get to do anything. I bought stuff for steaks and a birthday "cake" like his mom used to make, and we just sat around and hung out. I guess he's too old to go out partying anyways :)

here he is getting our steaks ready, in a new apron my mom got me for christmas! yes, i forced it on him and had to tie it in a double knot in the back because it was too little, but hahaha, it's funny.

and here's me preparing the "cake" {angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries} ignore the hair and mismatching pajamas, like i said, we were just hanging around the house!!!

and eric after he blowing out the candles. i know how the cake looks... yes. but, it still tasted good.

so, here's to my best friend turning the big 3-0. no longer in your twenties, that much closer to being over the hill ;) i love you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Catching Up:

The guy who's fixing my computer called me last night and gave me sad news... the hard drive is messed up {or something- I couldn't hear that well over the tears streaming down my face, haha} and I am now computerless. So anyways, catching up:

It's my first week of choosing 5 things to get rid of, so I borrowed my mom's camera, and here's my stuff:

It's my first week of choosing 5 things to get rid of, so I borrowed my mom's camera, and here's my stuff:

1. A puzzle that we've never even opened 2. A hat 3. Books that I've read 4. Went through my jewelry box and found lots of stuff that I never wear 5.Bathroom Scale {got a new one}

It wasn't too hard to find stuff and I'm def. doing it again next week. Slowly but surely I will be clutter free!!

{this is what happens when my mom offers chuy a treat- she's SURROUNDED!!}

i finally have all my christmas shopping done. and wrapped. and ready for christmas morning!!! i asked eric if he wanted to open our presents from/to each other on christmas eve or morning this year... he said last year we opened them two weeks before christmas because we decided we were adults and could do whatever we want. {nw, i have no recollection of this because it does not sound like anything i would ever do} sooo, christmas morning it is then.

{i won't say what my mom said he looks like here. b/c it's not very nice.}

so i guess i'm going to finish up on some swaps that i need to send. it's nice to work on them here, because my mom has a whole room just for crafts, so it's kind of like going shopping :)

and ONE last picture:

i want this chair. someday, chair, my selfish stingy mother will get tired of you and pass you along.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

at the graves

1. sam and chuy meet harper. i didn't get any pictures because they were acting all crazy. we ended up keeping them seperated most of the time. it was chuy and sam's first time to ever hang out with a girl, if you get my drift. so they met, and hopefully it will go a little smoother on christmas.

2. Sam and Chuy run around and act like mad men. And act really cute :)

3. I round up any and every kid that's outside and make them pose for pictures with me. Hahaha. You'll take pictures and you'll like it!

{look at chuy's face in the corner! he looks like a rat}

4. I get to hang out with Kapriel <3>
I've been craving beef/vegetable stew, so my parent's are making that for me tonight. And I'm also computer-less for the next 2 days- so I've been monopolizing the camera and trying to make a quick update! Better go- something smells good :)

no rhyme or reason

I've been perusing other blogs, and found one where they talked of "de-cluttering" You get rid of five things a week {and take a picture of it and post/list the items in a Flickr group} I love the idea of getting rid of stuff I don't want/use/need a little bit at a time! Hopefully it will help me stop my impluse buying and make my house look more neat too. The only sad thing about it is, I don't have a camera to take a picture of it all.... sigh.
I really need a camera. :'(

And I also found a picture of this room. I LOVE it. It's fun and silly and I would totally hang out in here:

the pink sign with the crown says: stay calm and carry on. so cute :)

Are these not the CUTEST save the date cards EVER? i absolutely love them, and believe me, they are going into my "wedding folder." I found them on the blog myaimistrue {i don't know how to link- but she is in the blogs i follow} and she also has a boston terrier named Kyla. Oh yeah, I know, it's like a sign from above saying how I should have one, right?!!

In other news, eric and i went and bought groceries the other day. big deal for us? YES!! we have been eating out, seriously, almost every meal. It is never like, "What do you want for dinner?"--It's, "Where do you want to go." Well, obviously, our meager budgets do NOT allow for all these shenanigans so we finally went and got groceries. I ate Ramen for lunch, true college kid style. It's nice though {because he does ALL of the cooking- except the peanut butter cookies I made tonight} and I {sometimes} do the dishes. We sit at our little {read: huge table for 12} table and eat our dinner. With the dogs underneath, staring up and prayyying for any "accidental" pieces to fall off the table. :) It's a nice, cozy family time, all around.

tomorrow should be a busy day so here's my little to do list:

  • go to work from 10-1ish
  • take the dogs to my parent's house to meet Harper/play with Ace!!!
  • give the dogs a BATH. they stink. seriously.
  • eric's work is having a christmas party at 9pm
  • get the computer fixed (he's picking it up tomorrow and bringing back tues. THANK GOD! i'm so tired of being kicked off every hour)
  • choose my 5 things that i'm getting rid of
  • get gas. ( i know, people don't typically put this as a "to-do" but I haaate pumping gas so I've been putting it off. and off. Thankfully, my mom gave me some money for this exact purpose earlier this week and I saved it:) woohoo- thanks mom!)
  • clean the bathrooms. especially the tub.

Okay, I better get off here and get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Harper Grace!!!

Chuy and Sam got a new cousin today!!! My dad got my mom a new dog {bichon frise} for Christmas and she is soo cute :) Her name is Harper Grace and she's 3 years old. We went shopping for her, and I got her two new dresses for Sam and Chuy to give her on Christmas.

I want a girl dog sososo bad, all those little dresses are too cute :)

Welcome Harper- can't wait to have many play dates with you!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

home sweet home?

I had this sensational vision of what my home will be like "when I'm all grown up." You know, like ways to decorate a fireplace mantle, and what pictures to have hanging on the fridge. fun,quirky paintings taking up the living room walls and monogrammed towels in the bathroom. I wanted to have the scent of candles fill your nose each time you walked in and make dinner and pick out a movie to cozy up to after dessert. you know, martha stewart style.

but it's all turned out a little differently. frighteningly plain/undecorated bedroom walls, fuzzy cable, forgetting to take the trash out to the curb for two weeks in a row [well in all defense, when i lived at home, "taking out the trash" just meant putting it in the back of my dad's truck- and there was no deadline for that], two laundry baskets piled high with laundry...and when it does get washed and dryed, it usually just ends up in a pile on the bed. then we go to bed, and move it to the dresser. aaand in the morning, looking for something to wear-move it back to the bed, and thus the pattern.

and worst of all: a mini christmas tree :( last year=christmas tree. but now, with another dog added to the mix- it just didn't seem like the way to go. so, i have a three foot tall tree on the thirty foot dining room table- and it's just sad looking. good thing i put presents all around it [what, you thought we actually ATE at the table? ha. haha.]

so i'll just keep browsing the web, looking at other peoples' homes and add it to my mental filing cabinet. ohh, one day :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

little brother- big sister

my baby brother is getting so big :)
he's going to start driving this month and will graduate in 2 years.
if i could tell him anything- it would be to enjoy this time in his life. high school ends so quickly and the real world isn't all that great, at times. enjoy mom and dad's cooking because eating taco bell for dinner every night gets old. save some money, while you're living rent free, because it can be stressful to have to manage money when you're on your own. go out and have fun with your friends, and take lots of pictures. do good in school- have fun, but take it seriously. and if you ever need anything- you can always call your big sister.
i want you to go so far in life and i know that you will. i love my baby brother, and i know as he gets older we will start hanging out more and become friends, rather than just brother and sister.
bff, chance :)