Tuesday, December 30, 2008

just call me rachel ray

so the french toast i was talking about? mmmm...
step 1:

step 2:

step 3:
{oh yeah, we use paper plates. classy til' the end :)}

and while i was on a roll, i thought i would make the dogs some cookies!
1cup milk
1cup peanut butter
2cups flour
1tbsp baking powder
and then i drizzled honey on them before i baked {350 for 15 min}

they look like that because some are turned upside down, and the honey i put on them before baking- but, hey, my dogs weren't complaining!!

i wasn't fast enough to catch sam!

off to clean the kitchen, shower, movie, then bed. starting tomorrow i work doubles for the next two days and then fri. morning and all day sat and sun. ahhhH!!!


Kayla said...

I LOVE your header! Too cute!

I'm not a big fan of french toast....I'm still really on this ramen noodle kick. I'm a strange one, I know!

I was scheduled 8 shifts in 5 days! Sheesh! My poor knees are already killing me and I've still got 5 to go! Big money, no whammies! Ha!

The Graves Gang said...


Jacquie said...

I LOVE french toast. Do you use 1 egg to 1/3 cup milk and some cinnamon... or what's your recipe?