Sunday, December 14, 2008

no rhyme or reason

I've been perusing other blogs, and found one where they talked of "de-cluttering" You get rid of five things a week {and take a picture of it and post/list the items in a Flickr group} I love the idea of getting rid of stuff I don't want/use/need a little bit at a time! Hopefully it will help me stop my impluse buying and make my house look more neat too. The only sad thing about it is, I don't have a camera to take a picture of it all.... sigh.
I really need a camera. :'(

And I also found a picture of this room. I LOVE it. It's fun and silly and I would totally hang out in here:

the pink sign with the crown says: stay calm and carry on. so cute :)

Are these not the CUTEST save the date cards EVER? i absolutely love them, and believe me, they are going into my "wedding folder." I found them on the blog myaimistrue {i don't know how to link- but she is in the blogs i follow} and she also has a boston terrier named Kyla. Oh yeah, I know, it's like a sign from above saying how I should have one, right?!!

In other news, eric and i went and bought groceries the other day. big deal for us? YES!! we have been eating out, seriously, almost every meal. It is never like, "What do you want for dinner?"--It's, "Where do you want to go." Well, obviously, our meager budgets do NOT allow for all these shenanigans so we finally went and got groceries. I ate Ramen for lunch, true college kid style. It's nice though {because he does ALL of the cooking- except the peanut butter cookies I made tonight} and I {sometimes} do the dishes. We sit at our little {read: huge table for 12} table and eat our dinner. With the dogs underneath, staring up and prayyying for any "accidental" pieces to fall off the table. :) It's a nice, cozy family time, all around.

tomorrow should be a busy day so here's my little to do list:

  • go to work from 10-1ish
  • take the dogs to my parent's house to meet Harper/play with Ace!!!
  • give the dogs a BATH. they stink. seriously.
  • eric's work is having a christmas party at 9pm
  • get the computer fixed (he's picking it up tomorrow and bringing back tues. THANK GOD! i'm so tired of being kicked off every hour)
  • choose my 5 things that i'm getting rid of
  • get gas. ( i know, people don't typically put this as a "to-do" but I haaate pumping gas so I've been putting it off. and off. Thankfully, my mom gave me some money for this exact purpose earlier this week and I saved it:) woohoo- thanks mom!)
  • clean the bathrooms. especially the tub.

Okay, I better get off here and get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow!!!

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