Tuesday, December 2, 2008

little brother- big sister

my baby brother is getting so big :)
he's going to start driving this month and will graduate in 2 years.
if i could tell him anything- it would be to enjoy this time in his life. high school ends so quickly and the real world isn't all that great, at times. enjoy mom and dad's cooking because eating taco bell for dinner every night gets old. save some money, while you're living rent free, because it can be stressful to have to manage money when you're on your own. go out and have fun with your friends, and take lots of pictures. do good in school- have fun, but take it seriously. and if you ever need anything- you can always call your big sister.
i want you to go so far in life and i know that you will. i love my baby brother, and i know as he gets older we will start hanging out more and become friends, rather than just brother and sister.
bff, chance :)

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