Monday, December 29, 2008

look what i did:

eric and my mom both got me cupcake iron-on transfers, and while the boys were in the garage playing poker-- i started dazzling. that's right, if i had a bejelwer, i would go nuts. so i decided to do two things that i will usually have on me: camera case and a notebook (i make lots of lists, and usually have a notebook in my purse--except on the days i'm with kayla...then it seems like my purse is completely empty and i always have to defend myself as to why it's so light ;)) and it just so happens that i got new ones of each for christmas!

{i tried to rotate the picture, but it's being stubborn for some reason}
so, while i was at it- i decided to take some pictures of my kitchen, in all its cupcakey gloriness.

here is my window, looking into the backyard. {and dont judge me for the disgusting wallpaper, i had nothing to do with it.} and my mom did the little canvas paintings on the top- they are too cute!

and a close up to better see the cuteness. the three on the window ledge are birthday/christmas presents from my brother and sister. and the rest are just odds and ends- like a gift bag, and gift card holder that i found at a flea market.

here is my stove... you can't see that well, but they are cupcake christmas ornaments that i found at Oops in tonitown and the new pot holder and towel i got from my mom.

and last, my microwave.. the little cakes on top it are made out of old sweaters with little pins in them to look like sprinkles. my mom found someone to make them for me and they are my favorite thing in the kitchen. :)

i'm kind of running out of room- but looking at all the cupcakes make me smile because they are so fun and silly. better than roosters, eh? {haha, just kidding mom!}

off to go rescue chuy...he's staring at me all sad like through the pet gate. reminding me they haven't had dinner..sheesh


Kayla said...

SOOOO cute!! and that apron is adorable!!! I saw some cupcake pj's at walmart and almost got them..but i just knew you had them. do ya?

its so cute that eric is okay with all that pink! i would never even try that with Kale! I think the Christmas tree and TONS and TONS over glitter was way more than enough for him!

i think you should start your blog over and make your thing something about cupcakes. We could make a CUTE header for ya! Just a thought :)

Love you!!

Kayla said...

Of glitter. Not over glitter. Silly me!

Jacquie said...

Hi, Kyla. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved Kayla's coat, but the she's the one that picked it out. She showed it to me a couple of months ago... and I couldn't resist.

I read Kayla's comment about redoing your blog... she showed me a cupcake background that she said you needed for your blog. It would be so cute to go with the new header she's got planned for you!!

The Graves Gang said...

Thank goodness you got all that cute decorating ability from me!!! Your house is just adorable sweetie - take pride in it and make it your "home" where alot of love, laughter and memories can be made. God has blessed you with so many talents - use them for his glory!

The Graves Gang said...

Hey, Not fair - I want a cool background