Sunday, December 14, 2008

at the graves

1. sam and chuy meet harper. i didn't get any pictures because they were acting all crazy. we ended up keeping them seperated most of the time. it was chuy and sam's first time to ever hang out with a girl, if you get my drift. so they met, and hopefully it will go a little smoother on christmas.

2. Sam and Chuy run around and act like mad men. And act really cute :)

3. I round up any and every kid that's outside and make them pose for pictures with me. Hahaha. You'll take pictures and you'll like it!

{look at chuy's face in the corner! he looks like a rat}

4. I get to hang out with Kapriel <3>
I've been craving beef/vegetable stew, so my parent's are making that for me tonight. And I'm also computer-less for the next 2 days- so I've been monopolizing the camera and trying to make a quick update! Better go- something smells good :)

1 comment:

The Graves Gang said...

Dad & I were so blessed that you came out to spend time with us - we loved it.

Don't worry about the dogs - you know boys will be boys wheither 2 or 4 legged. :)