Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!

(image from here)
This is the updated snow totals as of 5pm here...They said on Tuesday that " this storm could be one of the worst in a decade. A storm you will likely remember for a long time to come, but not quite as destructive in northwest Arkansas as the Ice Storm of 2009."
So far..I haven't heard of anyone losing electricity and I don't know how icy the roads are but my manager from Red Lobster called and said they were closing the restaurant at 4pm. So... we'll see what it does tonight!

But as for today, we had a great snow day! We slept in late, played outside with the dogs, took a walk in the woods behind our house, ate potato soup and read! And watched the snow... it's been coming down ALL day!
Behind our house

This was just stuck in the ground by this tree and we found it while walking!

Somebody hates the snow!

And this guy here... LOVES it! He scoops it up with his nose and catches it and then runs laps and laps as fast as he can around the yard. So funny!

Eric and the boys... nearly impossible to have all three looking at the same time!

Now we're waiting for 1 vs. 100 (trivia game) to come on the Xbox... We. are. hilarious. to watch when we play this.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Ants" with pretty "hare"

I picked up Kapriel from school the other day, and was going through her backpack when I found her "diary"! This girl had me CRACKING UP! She let me have the letter that she wrote about me and I put it on my desk at work to look at every day.
I have an ant named Kyla. She is verey pritey. I love her hare. I love her.

On the back it said: We are going to eat at Olipe Gardun. Yuk! I hate Olipe Gardun but I have to eat anyways.

There was another one that said: I love my Gigi (my mom) but she is being mean right now. Then she marked out the "being mean" part so that it would just say: I love my Gigi.


This girl....oh goodness! Every time I look at this letter, I die laughing. She is just so precious! Also, it doesn't hurt that she thinks I have pretty "hare"!! Haha

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Letters

dear victoria stilwell,
please make your way over to my house. asap.

dear boots,
quit being on backorder!

dear mom,
thanks for all the cute prizes you seem to pick up for me everywhere you go. :)

dear family vacation,
i'm saving my pennies.

dear ice storm,
oh no. not a repeat of last year.

dear little debbies,
quit staring at me.

dear kapriel,
cant wait to go to the gymnastics meet with you!

dear poppysnaps,
you make the cutest stuff! go check them out and enter their giveaway!

dear last night's olive garden leftovers:
you're MINE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If I didn't have these dogs...

There wouldn't be muddy footprints in the bathtub. I wouldn't have hair on every single piece of furniture and clothing I own. I wouldn't have to fight for covers. or leg room in the bed. or space on the couch. I wouldn't be sweeping every day. There would be no chasing of anyone, trying to pry my underwear from their mouth as we race across the house. I wouldn't have a $139 vet bill for an ear infection. No picking up poop. I wouldn't have a wet nose trying to pry itself under my hand as I type. I wouldn't have to do a magic trick every time i come home: trying to unlock the door, holding mail/purse/groceries/phone, scramble in and do a head count to make sure nobodys escaped. There wouldn't be two beady little eyes watching every little morsel I put in my mouth. No standing in between dogs b/c one doesn't like the other one to sneeze. And he can't help it. I wouldn't worry about people coming over. Wouldn't hear clickety-clackety trailing behind me EVERYWHERE I go...It would be quiet.
But lonely.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Family Dinner & a Freebie!

Last night was our weekly "family night" which was at my sister's. We watched Blind Side, helped Kap study for her Arkansas test, and some people...had a dance competition. ha! so fun!
my brother's boots! (had to take mine back b/c they were too small. :( wah) and in the background is my sister's "ab circle" hahahaha, i have a hilarious video of her on it, but I'm pretty sure I would get killed if it got put on here!
mom & diggy

me & addie

mom & dad


I didn't take any pictures of the food, but we had enchiladas. So good :) Next week: Mom's house, and I heard through the grapevine that we are having homemade soup!

You have to pay for S/H, but it came out to $1.08 total.

They are 5x7 folded cards and you insert pictures in. You can do any (Thank You, Xmas, Birthday, Holidays) but I made two Valentine's Day Cards and a birthday one- can't wait 'til they come in :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


how cute is this little baby!!! she's going to be 8 in April :( waaah getting so big!
Last day was my work BFF Sunny's last day :( So we had a good bye party breakfast for her! Everyone donated and then I went & got all the stuff... I was supposed to just get donuts and juice, but went a little crazy and got bagels, cream cheese, fruit, cute napkins and a pink tablecloth. haha! I miss her already!

her Hello Kitty bag... ohmygoodness, we have so much fun together!

Guess who ordered these!! They were ON SALE for $75 but I googled a coupon code and found one for 50% off that!! With shipping and handling the total came to $44!! They should be here no later than the 27th, I'm super excited :) :) (I got the brown ones!)

Love him.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Days Off = <3!

I had the day off yesterday (and Eric always has Monday's off) so we had such a fun day together. Ran some errands and went to eat lunch at Jason's Deli. One of Eric's favorite (even though I wanted Olive Garden soup SOOO bad- I told him I was trying to be mature about it, ha)
My chicken pot pie soup (so good!) and turkey sandwich
The beefeater

we always tease eric because "he eats like a bird" so he had eaten about 1/2 of the sandwich and said I could eat 2 of these. When he got down to the last bites, he said... well not in a row. I mean I could eat one today and another tomorrow.
hahaha, i knew it. all talk. :)

we have a "nature preservatory:" next door to us and some woods so we took the dogs for a walk. it's going to be SO PRETTY in the spring!!!


kind ob obscene, but i love when chuy climbs under sam's legs.

sam always has to be FIRST.
Then Eric had the boys over for a poker night, they are definately loving the insulated 2 car garage as their man cave!
It was so hard to get up this morning and go to work but it turned out to be such a pretty day (60 degrees!) Sam has another (UGH) ear infection so I have to call tomorrow and make another vet appt. and only 3 more days til the weekend! yayayay :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morgan's Baby Shower

Last night was my sweet friend Morgan's baby shower. Our friend Jesse hosted it (and did such a good job!) I had promised Jesse that I would come over early and help her set up... of course I got up late that morning AND procrastinated on the gift so I barely made it over 30 minutes early to help. (And thankfully my sweet mom came through with the CUTEST picture frame and burp cloth that she made. Lifesaver! I'm so sad that I forgot to take a picture)

Food Table!

The hostesses:) Jessie and her sweet baby Lydia. Funny story, Lydia's bday is Jan. 22nd so Jessie said that she saw all the presents and cake and thought it was her birthday!! haha, so cute!

Food table again

Is this not the cutest cake? Baby Jax's room will be decorated in monkeys and Jess made this cake by herself! She stacked two 9" cakes and made the ears out of brownies. The mouth is licorice with a little gumdrop. So adorable!

sweet it time for cake YEEEET? haha
cute little julie, love her!

she got some of the sweetest outfits
some of the attendees

here's the momma- she got THREE bathtubs! haha!
and daddy Shawn with the cutest Converse shoes :)

They are so cute! She is 8 1/2 months along and said she is SO ready for baby Jax to be here! haha.

Monday, January 11, 2010

little letters

dear old navy,
thanks for the cute floral headband and scarf.

dear spring,
hurry up so i can wear my new headband and scarf.

dear Red Lobster,
you're sucking my soul dry. 10 hours in one day? REALLY?

dear new camera,
when i wake up in the morning, you need to have a memory card in you. got it?
dear mom,
thanks for bringing me lunch everyday. ;)

dear chuy,
please stop running straight from the back door and into the doggy door connected to the garage.

dear chicken cordon bleu appetizers,
i love you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


it's silly how much we love these dogs...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a (new!) Family Tradition

Every week on Wednesday, we will take turns going to someone's (me, my older sister, or my parents) house for dinner. The persons house you are going to does the cooking (ah!) and LAST NIGHT was my turn.

(I hardly cook at all, but when I do it's just for the two of us and suddenly there's going to be 6..7.. 8 people over!??!!! I was so nervous!We had a mexican chicken casserole and I got the recipe from Kelly's Korner recipe blog (then TRIPLED it!!!)

Dad in charge of the remote... whats new!

Mom and Kappy, playing dress up games online! (Kap is seriously ADDICTED to those games... she will play them from the time she gets here until she has to leave if I let her!)
Brian and Chance playing video games

My sister and diggy... I'm loving her new reading glasses:) SO CUTE!Getting the ingredients prepped.. instead of using tortillas I just got a bag of corn Doritos and crushed them up on the bottom :) Then mix the cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, rotel and broiled chicken.. pour over the top and cover with cheese:
oh the CHEESE!! best part of the whole dish! cook for about 30 minutes and voila! delicious!

And don't forget the cookies that Kap made for dessert! She decorated them all by herself, and did a fabulous job!

After that I was so into eating that I completely forgot to take any more pictures, haha! We just sat around, ate, talked and watched some t.v. I'm so happy to spend time with my family (and that they braved the weather when it was supposed to be getting down in the single digits here in NWA!) This is a tradition I hope sticks!

Plus my sister is supposed to be making enchiladas next week, so I really hope it sticks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freebie Alert

Go to get a free carmel apple sample


Go here to get a free dog sleeping bag. (I already ordered you one, Mom! haha)