Wednesday, January 20, 2010


how cute is this little baby!!! she's going to be 8 in April :( waaah getting so big!
Last day was my work BFF Sunny's last day :( So we had a good bye party breakfast for her! Everyone donated and then I went & got all the stuff... I was supposed to just get donuts and juice, but went a little crazy and got bagels, cream cheese, fruit, cute napkins and a pink tablecloth. haha! I miss her already!

her Hello Kitty bag... ohmygoodness, we have so much fun together!

Guess who ordered these!! They were ON SALE for $75 but I googled a coupon code and found one for 50% off that!! With shipping and handling the total came to $44!! They should be here no later than the 27th, I'm super excited :) :) (I got the brown ones!)

Love him.

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