Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!

(image from here)
This is the updated snow totals as of 5pm here...They said on Tuesday that " this storm could be one of the worst in a decade. A storm you will likely remember for a long time to come, but not quite as destructive in northwest Arkansas as the Ice Storm of 2009."
So far..I haven't heard of anyone losing electricity and I don't know how icy the roads are but my manager from Red Lobster called and said they were closing the restaurant at 4pm. So... we'll see what it does tonight!

But as for today, we had a great snow day! We slept in late, played outside with the dogs, took a walk in the woods behind our house, ate potato soup and read! And watched the snow... it's been coming down ALL day!
Behind our house

This was just stuck in the ground by this tree and we found it while walking!

Somebody hates the snow!

And this guy here... LOVES it! He scoops it up with his nose and catches it and then runs laps and laps as fast as he can around the yard. So funny!

Eric and the boys... nearly impossible to have all three looking at the same time!

Now we're waiting for 1 vs. 100 (trivia game) to come on the Xbox... We. are. hilarious. to watch when we play this.


The Graves Gang said...

You know I love these kind of days... can get lots of crafting done!

MissJody said...

your pictures are great and i have a confession:

i'm jealous.
i want snow{kicking a rock...}

Pharmacist Erin said...

I'm sooo glad we don't have that much snow here in central Arkansas! We got quite a bit, just not that much! My dog loves the snow, too!

Miss Anne said...

love potato soup/snowy/sweet pea and pooch days :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great pics! Keep the snow down there though, ok?