Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our House (Is a very very very fine house)

In celebration of my best friend moving into the coolest apartment ever (go look and see!) I thought I would put up some pictures of my house! I don't have an elevator or a three section pool...but we have a hammock! (ha)

The front of my hizzy... I've been messing around with the software editing that my camera came with, and it's really confusing to me. You can see on the bottom left where I tried to edit out the bumper of Eric's car but it didn't quite work out. Guess it's a good indicator that I would be completly and utterly lost with Photoshop! (Plus I have to disguise the color so Kayla won't see it on the road and "pop in" without me cleaning first- muhaha)

View of the fireplace and into the kitchen. You can see some of our kitchen table... it seats like 10 people. There are two of us here. Sigh.

View from the front door... don't mind the dirty couch, it's Chuy's favorite place to guard/hang out. Eh, might as well let him- it's the only place where he can think he's a normal size.
The fun bathroom! Just funny random pictures and a couple chinese lanterns- but I love it :) The top one says "Let's Shop" and the little one says "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize" There's a couple more on the other side that you can't see- and I def. know how lucky I am to have Eric let me do cupcakes in the kitchen and a silly bathroom too!
The bedroom with our pretty new furniture. Plus a Chewbacca. Oh and my model friend.

The children's "area" I tried to move them out of the way into the extra bedroom- but it turned out quite tragic... so they are once again smack dab of the dining room.
The man-cave. I can't be held accountable for how messy it is.. I had to sneak in just to get a picture! But they have all their tacky posters, dart board, poker table, tv, and 3 cast off couches in which to lounge- so I guess they're doing all right.

Hanging out in the backyard.

And some of the yard... I don't actually keep the rocking chair in the middle of the yard.. Um, just trying to break it up a little!
So that's about it... it's usually pretty messy and sometimes I feel like I'm 42 instead of 22 with how much I worry over bills and everything, but it's still ours (kind of) and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday BFF!!!

Today my sweet best friend is turning the big 22!!

Eric and I popped over to give her some delicious treats:

Rick's Bakery thumbprint cookies and a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake, mmmm!

And since she's moving to a new apartment (right by my house, woo-hoo!) with no tanning, I got a month unlimited tanning at TLC!

Two parts of the KKK.

Love you Kayla- Happy birthday! Pop over and give her some love!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello Again

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved her children sooo much, that she wanted to help other orphaned children find loving forever homes too! So the girl goes to the animal shelter (you did know what I meant by children, right? Um, okay don't make this awkward.) to fill out a volunteer application.
Walk dogs? Can do.
Feed/water? Sure.
Clean up shadoobies? Eh, okay.

Walking into the kennel... a bit of a problem. All those dogs in cages with sad, sad eyes b-e-g-g-i-n-g her (okay, me) to take them home and feed them my leftover french fries and share my pillow at night and dress them up for photo shoots. Unbearable. Tears start pooling, then falling. And I made a beeline out of there as fast I could.

But NOW Fayetteville Animal Shelter is one of my Myspace friends (yeah, that's right- we'relikethis) and they sent out a bulletin for volunteer opportunities that I can totally do- sans tears.

They take the dogs to the Farmers Market every Saturday morning from 9-12 and since I don't have to work until 2- I signed up! It works out because I feel like I'm helping but I don't have to be in the kennel, making up scenarios about the dogs lives and suicidal thoughts.

Yay me.

Anyways, I'm back from my little hiatus. Working three jobs sucks. It makes me tired. And cranky. (I know, I hardly believed it myself, but apparently. I. Was. A. B.)

Off to catch up :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey :)

Just wanted to do a quick update: Not dead, just busy!!

Will do a real one soon!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuuuurtle, Tuuuurtle.

Tonight Eric and I were sitting on the couch, and I was looking through the Craigslist pet ads when I came across a picture of this:

He looks over and says see I told you that you should have gotten a turtle. You would have gotten it instead of him (Chuy) and taken such good care of him that we when we saw Sam, I would have said, "Good job, now you're ready for a dog."

Ohhhh really? We would have taken our pet turtle to the fundraiser for the Humane Society and walked him around the park on a leash- where we would then see Sam and frantically fill out the adoption papers?


Yes, honey, that's exactly how it would have happened.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Money, money, money

Somebody emailed me, asking why I have so many jobs and don't just choose one to do full-time... so I thought I would outline it and give you the (very interesting, ha) play by play.

Job #1- Red Lobster. 25ish hours a week. I've been here for two years, and this is where I make the majority of my money. I'm totally burnt out on waiting tables, but when it's good- it's great. Still, it's totally unreliable and sometimes slow, which brings me to:

Job #2- KFC. I only work about 15 hours a week here, and it is so I have the security of knowing that I'm going to get a check every two weeks, even if it is "slow." Takes some of the stress off, and plus I get to work with my sister :)

Job #3- Court House. 17 hours a week, and this is mostly just a "foot in the door" kind of thing. I'm totally an office job kind of person(I have my own office AND a lunch break, how fun!), so we'll see how this pans out towards the end of the year (they will have an opening for FULL-TIME in about 6 months!) All of this money will be going into a savings account, which I'm so excited about.

So that is why I have so many jobs. I don't really care for the first two so being at either full-time is a no go. And number three will hopefully pay off shortly. Plus, I love money. Duh.

And this is for Kayla:

(see, I love Chewbacca!)