Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update :)

Hi friends! It's been a while so I thought I would post my montage of pictures to catch everyone up :) They aren't in ANY kind of order though!

My big girl playing t-ball!

Me and Julie at Brandon's birthday party

Kapriel's cheering section at her t-ball games- LOVE IT!

my mister getting the grill ready to make s'mores!

work it girl!

me, my sister and neice

chewbacca decided to go for a dip ;)
(note his frightened eyes...he's not much of a swimmer!)

getting ready to go to the pool

me and big booty judy out at Grub's
Sam and his new friend Talen :)

Riley, Addie, and me on our way back from the bluegrass festival
(sooo hot)

My mom and I with our "Turkey Trot" buttons...hahaa

Me and Britt- getting ready to go out :)

down the slide

sunday nights at mickey finns!

me and jew at stir

jew, me and jessie

what are you talking about?!? hahaa
so... I've been having lots of fun and taking lots of pictures!
I have a fun Saturday planned, so more pictures next week. :) :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Volunteer Debut!

Tonight is my first night to volunteer for the Fayetteville animal shelter, and I honestly couldn't be more excited!!

A local (Gulley on Township) park does a Summer Concert series and this will be the second year for the shelter to take some dogs down and try to get them to their forever homes! Jill, the vol coordinator told us a story about how they took a basset hound last year and it just laid on a blanket with the couple the WHOLE entire night... and then they called a couple weeks later and said they just couldn't stop thinking about him and had to have him :) Awww!

So if you're in Northwest Arkansas- stop by Gulley Park (concert starts at 7:00) and say hi! Nathan Hamilton is playing and the website says this about him:

Out of Austin, Texas Nathan Hamilton first came to musical notoriety by winning the New Folk Category at the nationally-renowned Kerrville Folk Festival. Hamilton’s original music moves easily between the realms of folk, texas roots country, and indie rock, and his band No Deal has received rave reviews. His latest release Six Black Birds was selected as a top 3 finalist in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2007" awards in the Alt Country category. With five award-winning albums to his credit, along with multiple tours of Europe including the Netherlands and the UK, you won't want to miss Nathan Hamilton's first appearance at Gulley Park.

It should be a fun night- and I'll have pictures later!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Friend PhotoBooth :)

We had a girls night last weekend... just sitting around outside on Jessie's patio- enjoying the weather and each other! And maybe a margarita ;) While the other girls were into getting into deeeeep discussions, me and Beneda decided to have a photobooth shoot :)

Kayla and Kyla

oh my.... i was having the hardest time not looking "too excited"

i ruv you kayruh

that's how we communicate!

rrrrrrrribbit :)

you wanna hear my favorite song from fourth grade?
i love you silly best friend!! come home from dc soon!