Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update :)

Hi friends! It's been a while so I thought I would post my montage of pictures to catch everyone up :) They aren't in ANY kind of order though!

My big girl playing t-ball!

Me and Julie at Brandon's birthday party

Kapriel's cheering section at her t-ball games- LOVE IT!

my mister getting the grill ready to make s'mores!

work it girl!

me, my sister and neice

chewbacca decided to go for a dip ;)
(note his frightened eyes...he's not much of a swimmer!)

getting ready to go to the pool

me and big booty judy out at Grub's
Sam and his new friend Talen :)

Riley, Addie, and me on our way back from the bluegrass festival
(sooo hot)

My mom and I with our "Turkey Trot" buttons...hahaa

Me and Britt- getting ready to go out :)

down the slide

sunday nights at mickey finns!

me and jew at stir

jew, me and jessie

what are you talking about?!? hahaa
so... I've been having lots of fun and taking lots of pictures!
I have a fun Saturday planned, so more pictures next week. :) :)


MissJody said...

Yeah! Your back!!! I have missed your posts lady..
So, I love your hair. It's so shiney and pretty all the time! :)
The lil' girl going down the slide...priceless..very cute!:)
Cute pics lady! Glad your back!

Lil' Woman said...

Welcome back girl, is that boobie grabbing I : )