Friday, June 25, 2010

Tues & Wed

Every year, the City of Elkins has a 4th on the River celebration and this year I've been put in charge of a few things (including going to meetings to take minutes, calling press, getting donations, and the list goes onnnnnn!) So, I'm hoping it will be a fun event- and I know these next couple of weeks will be BUSY! (tues, 51)
My mom's friend Missy and her family opened up a sub shop this week in Elkins:) They are the sweetest family and I really hope they do well. We went down to support them for their grand opening and I got a tuna sandwich. It didn't photograph that well, but it was G-O-O-D!! (wed, 52)

Monday, June 21, 2010


45Breakfast of Champions: Butterscotch Pudding
It's SOOOO hot, getting into the mid-90s for the past week :( 46

My mom's friend made these- super cute! (Mom got the turqouise one!) 47

aw, Mikey! my mom keeps sending me text pictures of him- he's SO CUTE! 48

I don't know if you can see all of them, but there they are: all 4 dogs, just hanging out! haha Love it!:) 49

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Roommates 44

I had a bad couple of days on Sunday & Monday...
my roomies surprised me with a balloon and a cupcake from Rick's Bakery
so sweet (and delicious!)


Low-key evening.
Movies and cupcakes:) 43

Monday, June 14, 2010

I've got a basketball jones 42

Sunday made the second day that Sadie, Brandon & I went to the park to play basketball! And OMG- I'm soooo sore today (and yesterday!) hahaha. Sadie & I are on a team vs Brandon... so far we've lost both times, but I feel like when we go tonight- this is our day!!!
That tiny little thing just jumped right up there! haha
walker park! (we. are. dorks.

fun mural in the park
then we came home and snuggled all the babies:)
sweet sammy
well, he's kind of [slutty] he just goes from chair to chair, trying to get ALL of the lovin!! (and I don't think you can see but she has three dogs there!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pool Party?

I bought the dogs a pool, thinking it would be so cute to watch them splash and play around... it was a FLOP! We kept having to pick them up and put them in there, only for them to run away!! hahaha, maybe its just not hot enough, we'll have to try again! 41

Saturday, June 12, 2010

80s Party

40- Last night was our friend Nikki's 22 birthday and her party was 80s themed! Of course I put off finding anything to wear until last I'm googling "80s fashion" an hour before I'm supposed to leave- I don't think I'll ever learn!
Side ponytail, check. Neon tights, check. Headband, check...the rest kind of just threw on.

Britt and Julie- these girls looked SO CUTE!!! I love love love Julie's outfit!!

Birthday girl and her sister.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Chancer got a new best friend, meet Mikey!!!! He's about a year old and so CUTE! Chance is going to be such a great little dad to him, we took him to Kap's t-ball game and he was looking around the house for an umbrella to hold over him and took a little backpack full of water so he wouldn't get thirsty!! haha
But unfortunately, Sambo wasn't having yet ANOTHER dog into his house, so it just didn't work out. Chance came and got his stuff this afternoon and moved back in with my parents. We are all sad about it, even Eric said he liked having Chance around...but I'm glad for Mikey to not be picked on and have free reign of his house!! haha
See you soon Mikey!

Practically Famous

At my job, we did an Elkins Community Night at Arvest Ballpark to watch the Naturals (our minor baseball league) team play. A dollar of every ticket we sold came back to the community, which we donated to our Senior Center. The mayor set it up and then I was in charge after that. I put up flyers, updated it on our city facebook (City of Elkins, Arkansas), took tickets to local businesses to sell and was the contact person with the Naturals rep. Well, it was not as big of a hit as we thought it would be- but we still did get to donate some money to the seniors. SO this is me with my boss and Sara, the Sr. Center director. And my picture will be in the paper next week:) Well, its the local paper....but I bet my mom will still buy a copy! ha-38

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Terra Studios

First, I think I forgot to explain that Eric's little sister, her boyfriend and their two dogs moved to Arkansas this week! They are going to go to school in the fall, so while they are getting settled in and looking for jobs and saving money...they are staying with us! SO- let me tell you, FULL HOUSE! They are living in our garage, which is way bigger than any room we could give them and has fans and a door to the backyard, Chance has the extra bedroom and there are dogs strewn all around the house. haha! Should be interesting:)
Yesterday, I took a 1/2 day at work and took everyone out to Terra Studios, home of the "Bluebirds of Happiness" Its this neat little park with cool sculptures, and they blow glass, arty walls... just a neat little place to get everybody out of the house for a while!
All four of us- 37Sadie and Brandon

Me and Eric inside of the blubird gazebo:)

This looked cooler in person because those rocks were glowing and kind of looked like lava(?)

Tiny little fairy door- haha!

All those knobs were sticking out and further down the wall they made flowers.

This was actually a little dark corner, and the stars and moon were glowing! Very neat

Little gremlin family


Brother and Sister
We had a fun time and looked around, but it was H-O-T!!! (Notice there aren't very many pictures of me...I was dripping!)
And one last note from yesterday, ChuChu got his manhood removed! :( We did it at the animal shelter and after I dropped him off, I just cried the whole way to work. He's never been in a kennel situation before and all the other dogs were barking..he was SO SCARED and I was afraid he would think I was leaving them there forever! But we got to pick him up around 3:30 and he was doing fine. He was alert and didn't seem in too much pain so we are thankful for that:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Full House

Tonight we barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs, the dogs are napping, the boys are playing Xbox 360 and its a pretty good night!

P.S. Did I mention there are FOUR dogs living here for now? Chaos! 36

Naturals Baseball

We went to our first minor league baseball game last night, perfect because Eric & I had never been and it was Sadie & Brandon's first night in Arkansas:) We were super lucky and got seats in the SHADE (oh and on the3rd row on the 3rd baseline...) We watched some ball, saw a bat get broken and hit into the stands, and ate lots of ice cream!- 35
On our way
Damon Chance & Eric watching!

Giant ice cream! It took three people to finish this, haha
(This is Sadie, Eric's little sister who just moved here)
Kappy got a little bored so we walked up to the bouncy!

Our whole gang!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer's Coming!

29- Nobody at our house is EVER more popular than when they have food!! haha, and I love that I caught Chuy licking his lips. Oh good grief!!!
I have been able to pick this little sweetie up from school for the past 2 days! Her last day of school is Friday and we've already been talking about how much swimming we're gonna do! She LIVES in the pool in the summer!!! - 30

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

27 & 28

27(Sunday) Not technically a "picture" but I drew this for Eric :) hahah- it's me going to bed and him not...sooo he's crying and going to have to sleep on the couch. TA-DAAA, I have the skills of a third grader! But what I love the most is I left this up on the screen and when I was upload pictures yesterday, he had saved it as "I love kyla sooo much". Yes, we are silly!
28 Had a great Memorial Day!! This is my picture- because how could I NOT choose one of that cutie!! (Plus none of us older kids wanted our pictures in bathing suits..haha) We all went out to my parents for a BBQ and then swam our little hearts out! Except Eric, he stayed in with Dad & Grandpa...probably too talk about manly stuff. Then we came home and laid around and just relaxed with the children! Good weekend, but I did NOOOOT want to go back to work today. Blech!
Have a good week (already to hump day tomorrow!)