Thursday, June 10, 2010


Chancer got a new best friend, meet Mikey!!!! He's about a year old and so CUTE! Chance is going to be such a great little dad to him, we took him to Kap's t-ball game and he was looking around the house for an umbrella to hold over him and took a little backpack full of water so he wouldn't get thirsty!! haha
But unfortunately, Sambo wasn't having yet ANOTHER dog into his house, so it just didn't work out. Chance came and got his stuff this afternoon and moved back in with my parents. We are all sad about it, even Eric said he liked having Chance around...but I'm glad for Mikey to not be picked on and have free reign of his house!! haha
See you soon Mikey!


The Graves Gang said...

And this momma is HAPPY cause her baby is BACK HOME!!! :)

Kayla said...

haha well im glad everything worked out. i want a mikey!!! love english bulldogs!!!!!