Thursday, June 10, 2010

Practically Famous

At my job, we did an Elkins Community Night at Arvest Ballpark to watch the Naturals (our minor baseball league) team play. A dollar of every ticket we sold came back to the community, which we donated to our Senior Center. The mayor set it up and then I was in charge after that. I put up flyers, updated it on our city facebook (City of Elkins, Arkansas), took tickets to local businesses to sell and was the contact person with the Naturals rep. Well, it was not as big of a hit as we thought it would be- but we still did get to donate some money to the seniors. SO this is me with my boss and Sara, the Sr. Center director. And my picture will be in the paper next week:) Well, its the local paper....but I bet my mom will still buy a copy! ha-38


Jacquie said...

I hate that it didn't bring in much money!! But, it does look like you're liking what you do. That's always good.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

LOL @ your mom will buy a copy! I wrote an article that was printed in the local newspaper a couple years ago and EVERYONE in town mailed me a copy!!! Good job!!! Can I get your autograph???

Anonymous said...

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