Monday, June 7, 2010

Naturals Baseball

We went to our first minor league baseball game last night, perfect because Eric & I had never been and it was Sadie & Brandon's first night in Arkansas:) We were super lucky and got seats in the SHADE (oh and on the3rd row on the 3rd baseline...) We watched some ball, saw a bat get broken and hit into the stands, and ate lots of ice cream!- 35
On our way
Damon Chance & Eric watching!

Giant ice cream! It took three people to finish this, haha
(This is Sadie, Eric's little sister who just moved here)
Kappy got a little bored so we walked up to the bouncy!

Our whole gang!


Jacquie said...

That looks like fun... and you lucked out with seats in the shade!!

Kayla said...

umm..gimme dat icecream gurlllll!