Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morgan's Baby Shower

Last night was my sweet friend Morgan's baby shower. Our friend Jesse hosted it (and did such a good job!) I had promised Jesse that I would come over early and help her set up... of course I got up late that morning AND procrastinated on the gift so I barely made it over 30 minutes early to help. (And thankfully my sweet mom came through with the CUTEST picture frame and burp cloth that she made. Lifesaver! I'm so sad that I forgot to take a picture)

Food Table!

The hostesses:) Jessie and her sweet baby Lydia. Funny story, Lydia's bday is Jan. 22nd so Jessie said that she saw all the presents and cake and thought it was her birthday!! haha, so cute!

Food table again

Is this not the cutest cake? Baby Jax's room will be decorated in monkeys and Jess made this cake by herself! She stacked two 9" cakes and made the ears out of brownies. The mouth is licorice with a little gumdrop. So adorable!

sweet it time for cake YEEEET? haha
cute little julie, love her!

she got some of the sweetest outfits
some of the attendees

here's the momma- she got THREE bathtubs! haha!
and daddy Shawn with the cutest Converse shoes :)

They are so cute! She is 8 1/2 months along and said she is SO ready for baby Jax to be here! haha.

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MissJody said...

That cake is the yummiest-cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday lil' sweetie :)