Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a (new!) Family Tradition

Every week on Wednesday, we will take turns going to someone's (me, my older sister, or my parents) house for dinner. The persons house you are going to does the cooking (ah!) and LAST NIGHT was my turn.

(I hardly cook at all, but when I do it's just for the two of us and suddenly there's going to be 6..7.. 8 people over!??!!! I was so nervous!We had a mexican chicken casserole and I got the recipe from Kelly's Korner recipe blog (then TRIPLED it!!!)

Dad in charge of the remote... whats new!

Mom and Kappy, playing dress up games online! (Kap is seriously ADDICTED to those games... she will play them from the time she gets here until she has to leave if I let her!)
Brian and Chance playing video games

My sister and diggy... I'm loving her new reading glasses:) SO CUTE!Getting the ingredients prepped.. instead of using tortillas I just got a bag of corn Doritos and crushed them up on the bottom :) Then mix the cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, rotel and broiled chicken.. pour over the top and cover with cheese:
oh the CHEESE!! best part of the whole dish! cook for about 30 minutes and voila! delicious!

And don't forget the cookies that Kap made for dessert! She decorated them all by herself, and did a fabulous job!

After that I was so into eating that I completely forgot to take any more pictures, haha! We just sat around, ate, talked and watched some t.v. I'm so happy to spend time with my family (and that they braved the weather when it was supposed to be getting down in the single digits here in NWA!) This is a tradition I hope sticks!

Plus my sister is supposed to be making enchiladas next week, so I really hope it sticks!


The Graves Gang said...

Fantastic food & many precious memories!

MissJody said...

How cute. Very delish looking cookies :)

Your dinner looks great and looks like you had a good time.

I wish we lived a little closer to our families. I do miss them :)

Jessica said...

Wow, I LOVE this idea! How great to get to spend time with family each week, and eat some delicious food, too! Looks like you had a great dinner! :-)

Kayla said...

AWW!!! i wish we had family around to start traditions like that!! i really hope yall keep it up! :)