Wednesday, December 10, 2008

home sweet home?

I had this sensational vision of what my home will be like "when I'm all grown up." You know, like ways to decorate a fireplace mantle, and what pictures to have hanging on the fridge. fun,quirky paintings taking up the living room walls and monogrammed towels in the bathroom. I wanted to have the scent of candles fill your nose each time you walked in and make dinner and pick out a movie to cozy up to after dessert. you know, martha stewart style.

but it's all turned out a little differently. frighteningly plain/undecorated bedroom walls, fuzzy cable, forgetting to take the trash out to the curb for two weeks in a row [well in all defense, when i lived at home, "taking out the trash" just meant putting it in the back of my dad's truck- and there was no deadline for that], two laundry baskets piled high with laundry...and when it does get washed and dryed, it usually just ends up in a pile on the bed. then we go to bed, and move it to the dresser. aaand in the morning, looking for something to wear-move it back to the bed, and thus the pattern.

and worst of all: a mini christmas tree :( last year=christmas tree. but now, with another dog added to the mix- it just didn't seem like the way to go. so, i have a three foot tall tree on the thirty foot dining room table- and it's just sad looking. good thing i put presents all around it [what, you thought we actually ATE at the table? ha. haha.]

so i'll just keep browsing the web, looking at other peoples' homes and add it to my mental filing cabinet. ohh, one day :)

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The Graves Gang said...

GIrl, You have a very nice house - get busy doing those things now - don't wait! It is your home!!!