Saturday, December 27, 2008

you'reHOW old?

eric turned 30 yesterday!!I got him a fishing pole and a gift card, and my parents got him a gift card for food and minutes for his phone, and his mom sent him a Giants shirt and money-so what I'm trying to say is the old geezer made out like a bandit! I had to work a double yesterday, and he had to work at night.. so we didn't really get to do anything. I bought stuff for steaks and a birthday "cake" like his mom used to make, and we just sat around and hung out. I guess he's too old to go out partying anyways :)

here he is getting our steaks ready, in a new apron my mom got me for christmas! yes, i forced it on him and had to tie it in a double knot in the back because it was too little, but hahaha, it's funny.

and here's me preparing the "cake" {angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries} ignore the hair and mismatching pajamas, like i said, we were just hanging around the house!!!

and eric after he blowing out the candles. i know how the cake looks... yes. but, it still tasted good.

so, here's to my best friend turning the big 3-0. no longer in your twenties, that much closer to being over the hill ;) i love you!


Kayla said...

yall are too cute! i just love you!!!

The Graves Gang said...

Happy Birthdya Er...It looks like you had a good one!

The Graves Gang said...

Totally CUTE! Now go fix mine little mommamacetia!!