Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Yesterday I worked 9.5 hours at Red Lobster, and by the time I got home was sooo tired- I seriously had my doubts about staying up until 12. Then my mom called and said they were all at my grandparent's house and my dad had made homemade pizza. Oh yeah, I went :) We only stayed for like an hour (nothing like a quick eat and run, eh?!) but it was still good to see my family for a minute!

Trying to get Eric to give me a kiss... I guess he wasn't having it? Maybe I had pizza breath...

Me and my dad, our family chef :) He is seriously ALWAYS cooking something new, and usually delicious. But I heard that he made an eel soup the other night, and I was pretty happy that I missed that one. And also, something else that I super proud of is my dad has lost 50ish pounds!! He was a little over 300 and now he's down to 250. He takes it very seriously and packs his lunch and snack and DOESN'T cheat!! Ahhh, I'm so proud of him!!!

Me and all of my little sisters: Rhyver, Addison, and Riley. Getting all of my siblings in a floor shot was NOT happening :) 4 of us there, and 4 missing. Growing up with 8 siblings- not much privacy, but never boring!!

And my and Eric... she was being so silly last night. That's her laughing hysterically into her book- I don't know about what, she kept doing it all night!!! I guess we know where I get my silly from! :)

And now... back to the Lobster {gotta make that money!!!}


The Graves Gang said...

You are so lucky you got to spend some time with me -- :) I'm looking forward to 2009 -- hopefully a December wedding a new grandchild in 2011?? Who knows what the new year will bring!!!

Jacquie said...

I didn't realize you had so many siblings... you and I have something else in common. French toast and lots of siblings - all in the same day!!

Sounds like you and Kayla were both dog tired.

Proud of your daddy!! I'd like to know how he "healthed" up the pizza.

Kayla said...

This is SO our year...let's not get our hopes up too much though!

Eel soup...I think I'll take a bowl of that, please...

See you in 12 hours. Yay, Slobster!

P.S. My word verification is ovedders. Being the Mad Gab queen I am, I see over eaters. Ha! I'm a dork!