Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

...and we are fully utilizing it! Sunny and pretty- around 65 degrees, we decided to go to the park in between jobs. Apparently, everyone else in Fayetteville had the exact same idea because it took us forever to park and there were people EVERYWHERE!!

We cut through the grass to get away from all the people on the trail, until Sam could wind down a little, and passed this lady sitting a blanket meditating. Well, I guess she was meditating-- she's defintely in the pose, and was talking out loud to herself with her eyes closed. Hmmm...

We walked around the loop a couple of times, Sam and Chuy met a few other dogs, and then we were all pooped so we came back home and played in the back yard for a while. There is this one spot in the yard facing the street that both of the dogs stick their head out of {i always think it's their way of saying "Hello World" haha..but I'm also a dork!} and I finally got some cute pictures of it :)

Sambo Jackson

I love the natural height difference, so that they both look out and Chuy is just standing under Sam's body.

Now tell me I don't have the cutest children in the world!!

So we had a great time and now they are both behind me, passed out on the couch :) And I need to get ready for work, and cross my fingers that tomorrow is just as nice!


Jacquie said...

I love that picture of the both of them peeking through. So cute!!!

I took a walk at 4:30 - almost too late to enjoy the warm day.

The Graves Gang said...

Daddy & I are both cracking up of the grandsons peeking out at the front yard together - probably looking for their grandma & pa!!!

Kayla said...

They sure are cute, little stinkers! I SO wish I could have been outside today!