Friday, January 2, 2009

You're going to the pound

I worked from 11 to 5 today... and when I came home all tired and cranky,boy was I not too happy to see this:

Oh yeah, Sam, hang that head down in shame.

They tore the cushion of my couch and had the inside foam scattered ALL OVER the living room. I couldn't decide if I should list them on Craigslist for free or rush over to and sign up to be on "It's Me or The Dog".

Hello Cesar, are you there?!!!


The Graves Gang said...

I hope you gave them a HUGE time-out!!!

Kayla said...

Oh my!!! Cesar would NEVER let that happen!! They need to go on long walks to wear them out!!

Jacquie said...

I'm thinking Cesar would put them on the treadmill!!!

Oh, I would've just sat down and cried when I saw that!