Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tiny Little Rant

We have a new rule at work that you have to bring a "bank" of money with you so they don't have to give us change for any of the cash that we get. I don't know about all the other servers, but a lot of times I don't just have money laying around that I don't need to carry around with me in my server book. I almost always put whatever money I make into the bank the next day, to further lessen the chance of me blowing it on things I don't need. It works, too, because half the time I leave my debit card at home and don't have any cash on me. Supposedly, if we don't bring this bank, then we will not be able to work that shift. Silly? I think so.


And for some good news, we are supposed to get our W2's tomorrow- so that means I'll have all of mine and can call H&R for an appointment next week. Yeah, that's right- I have people. Whoo-hoo!!


Kayla said...

I take a bank every single day...Sorry, friend. $10, $5, and 5 $1's. Overachiever right here, baby!

Love you!!

Jacquie said...

You and Kayla are so cute. I'm not too good with new rules. It takes me a while.