Friday, January 30, 2009

Internet, at last!!!

Oh my goodness- the ice storm this week was horrible. Eric and I were so lucky because we only lost power for a few hours out of the whole week-- and some of my friends are STILL out of power.

This is all that's left of the little tree right in front of our house... I emailed my landlord in Maine pictures, and he said, "the little guy didn't stand a chance". Haha, that's right!

And this is my neighbor's fence- you can see it looking out of our extra bedroom window. Whenever he opened his back door, parts of the tree would go inside.

And... our hammock in the backyard. Eric was OBSESSED with it the whole time. I must have about 500 pictures of it on my camera. He's so cute :)

This is my official ice storm outfit. Eric's beanie, Arkansas hoodie, cupcake pajama bottoms, and my boots. Someone needs to feature me on their fashion blog. Seriously.

How cute is this guy!

Hope everyone is safe and warm!

1 comment:

The Graves Gang said...

Totally dig the outfit -- I've contacted Glam magazine!! I think you are going to be featured on the cover!!