Monday, January 19, 2009

hello new week

Sam, Chuy, and I are starting off our new week with a relaxing morning off :) Lounged around, ate some mini sausage biscuits, and dug a hole to China. ALL IN ONE MORNING!!

And here is the culprit licking all the dirt off his nose. His next move from here was a mad dash for the bed, so he could get all the dirt and who knows what else all over my clean sheets... but alas, denied. I've become increasingly smarter about shutting all the bedroom doors!!

After that, we {well I, but they were in bed under the covers} watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Trading Spouses. Cleaned up a little because Monday night is poker night for Eric and they usually play here. Did some laundry. And then layed in bed some more, wishing it wasn't so cold!!

And yesterday, Chuy had his second play date with his new girlfriend Lily. I got him all spiffed up in his houndstooth jacket and we borrowed Sam's leather leash and went over to her house! He stayed for about 5 hours, while I was at work, and they said he had so much fun once he stopped sitting by the door waiting for me to come back!!

Miss Lily

and Mr. Chewbacca Michael Simpson-Graves, all dressed up :)

Wellll, it seems that I only have 2 more hours before I go to work so I better go get my work clothes in the dryer and try to squeeze in one more t.v. show!!


Kayla said...

Aw, a play date! Cute!

Oh, I just love you!! You are more than welcome to come over tonight since your Er-Bear is playing! We are going to watch House and American Idol. And Kale bought this new game for his PS3..I love it!!

Jacquie said...

That little outfit on Chuy is cracking me up!!

amber said...

Ooh so cute!