Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now Work It Out...

Today Kayla texted me to come over on my break so we could "go for a walk" around the trail... I was excited to kick off my exercise game plan and said yes, but little did I know what this girl had in store for me! We did a ten minute run {i haven't RAN anywhere in a long time... except to the dinner table!!} on the treadmill, some leg exercises, squats, lunges... my legs felt like a bowl of spaghetti noodles!! She mentioned that we only did 'half' of what we were supposed to, but tell that to my thighs, sister! They are saying otherwise.

We ate Subway for lunch and I totally had a mini-meltdown when I found out that I couldn't have cheese OR ranch on my ham/turkey sub. Ha- I settled for vinegar and lettuce and it was quite delicious :)

I feel like this is a great start to getting back in shape, and since I was too winded to say it earlier (ha!) thanks K for kicking my butt this afternoon! See you in the morning, bright and early [ugghhh, early, my least favorite word] for some arm time :)

Okay and to play catch up on a few other things:

Sam and Chuy got a new cousin today!! His name is Talen, and you should all go here and tell my mom how cute her new baby is:) I can't wait to go over to her house tomorrow and play with him!

And second, I have been tagged for some awards by some very lovely ladies:)

Both Erin at Texan Couture and Ruggy at Adorably Distracted left me this:

Thank you ladies so much :) I tag:

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Everyone have a great night, I'm off to shower and sleep :)


The Graves Gang said...

Whoot!! Whoot! Girlfriend you are on your way!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Wow, thank you!! I'm so excited...this is my first award :-)

I really don't think I could run for 10 minutes at this point! I haven't exercised in such a long time! You are getting me motivated to start, though! So thanks!

Jacquie said...

LOVED reading this post. Sorry about the Ranch dressing and cheese. I tried the Red Wine Vinaigrette today on my salad and I fell in love!! Yum - and fat free!!

Just a note though, it's okay to have a little cheese, but I'd stick to the low fat varieties. Do you like string cheese? It's a great meal with an apple!

So glad you and Kayla are able to work out together. It HURTS at first, but in a week or two, you'll wish you were more sore again.

Kayla said...

I love you friend! I'm soo glad you came today! Can't wait til you start seeing results and actually LOOKING forward to getting your butt kicked!

See ya in the morning!!!

Lindsey said...

Well done, you are doing great!!!

Erin said...

Yay for you!!!! Thats keep it up so I can vicariously live through your workouts :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Thank you so much! Keep it up, you'll be so glad you did!

KARA said...

Woohoo good for you, Kayla sounds like a great friend to get you on track, my start has not been so good 3 meals out, cupcakes and chocolate oopps.
Thanks for the award so kind, really appreciate it

The Graves Gang said...

Hey, I tagged you - go to my blog to get more details