Friday, February 6, 2009

The Babysitter Club

Today is my parent's 23rd anniversary, so I offered my excellent baby-sitting services for the night. I guess they decided to take it easy on me because I have three [plus Chance] and my sister got three. Ha!
We busted out all kinds of sprinkles, dough, and frosting and got busy.

-Getting everything together-

It started out a little rough... with crying about which one they got to mix to bossing and me already getting a seed of doubt about the whole idea.
But... we stuck it out and:

started on our chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. I saw the idea on Bakerella's and thought they looked DELICIOUS. And they were!

Next we started on the sugar cookies, and no matter how much flour I put on the rolling pin or counter or my hands we could NOT get it to stop sticking. My dad is the family cooking guru, but since he was on his anniversary date I didn't want to distrub him and decided to just make due.

It started out a little rocky, but once we got past some diva attitudes it was smooth sailing! We baked, decorated, and ate to our heart's content!!!


The Graves Gang said...

Girlfriend - You are just amazing. Looks like sooooo much fun & your siblings & niece want to know when you will come back. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to spend our 23rd anniversary the way we did - a most precious memory! I love you!!!

Jacquie said...

You're a FUN babysitter!!! And you must have LOTS of patience!!

Jessica said...

hey, thanks for popping over to my blog! i'm loving yours so far, it's adorable! my fiance and i have a similar version of those chocolate chip cookie-brownies... the first time we made them we were feeling really adventurous and decided to put some cream-cheese frosting on them too. bad idea. they tasted delicious but turned rock-hard in our stomachs and we were pretty miserable for the rest of the night. from that point we started calling the dessert "capital punishment." yours looked really tasty though and i'm sure the kids totally devoured them :)

Erin said...

I love Bakerllas website! I will deff. post pictures of how the cookies come out!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love kids; these pics are too cute! Looks like you all had a blast.