Saturday, February 21, 2009

Workin for the weekend?

Last night I worked with my sweet BFF, and we closed the place down together. The night went by so fast, and it was 11:00 before I even knew it! Since she doesn't do weekend/nights very often, I had to let her know what's up: IT'S A RACE. We have to beat the kitchen people and host out of here, or one of us has to sit with the manager while they do the paperwork. We definetly kicked it into high gear and got out quick :)

We are busy girls... we have blogging and sleeping to do, no time to wait!!

Then back again this morning, and while I'm getting ready I head Chuy yipping from outside. I run out there and see Sam dragging him around the backyard by his neck and ears. Sam, didn't we just have a talk about this? Chuy is not a squeaky toy. Sheesh. After tending to some bruised egos I headed back to work and I got out of there pretty quick, met up with my mister to have lunch{hello chili's!)... and now I'm trying to decide between napping or taking the dogs out for a little walk before I go back. Their sad little puppy dog eyes are begging me to go outside :)

P.S., I'm having way too much fun with picnik. {Kayla: Blonde? Hmmm! It's something to think about!!}

Hope you guys are having a good Saturday :)


The Graves Gang said...

I'm thinking Sam is looking at doggie parole if he doesn't quit squeeking Chuy.... Poor Baby!

Jacquie said...

OMG! I wasn't looking for Kale and Kayla in that picture and then I read the P.S. and just cracked up!!

Cheryl said...

That's a hilarious picture, haha
Hope you're having a good weekend! x

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

adorable pictures! :0)

kilee said...

super cute!! very funny pic.