Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dog Tag

If you know me well, you know how important my "fur-babies" are to me, and the thought of them getting lost or stolen absolutely breaks my heart. The other day two things happened: 1. Sam ran out the front door {I wasn't home, of course, "mom" would never let that happen! ha!} and brian (our house guest from the ice storm) ended up chasing him all around the block before he finally caught up with him. And 2. I noticed Chuy's tag was all bitten up and my phone number was so scratched you could barely see it.

I usually just buy tags at PetCo and they are like 8-10 dollars. So I started perusing Ebay and found a company out of Texas who made them for ONE DOLLAR!! And the shipping was only 1.89! So of course, I ordered two of them and when the dogs and I went on our walk today and checked the mail- they had come in. Yay, so exciting!!

We also have our dogs microchipped, so even if they wanted to run away to move in with their hot poodle girlfriends, it's not happening :)


Jacquie said...

Cracking me up again, Kyla. Sounds like the perfect eBay deal to me!!

Kayla said...

Haha! I just love you!!

The Graves Gang said...

Well, You are certainly a DIVA DOLLAR!!!... Ha - You rock!!!

I left some gifts on the table for your "babysitting services" Can't even thank you enough.

Love you baby girl!