Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give-Away and Grandparents

So, how excited was I to go to Kayla's website and learn about a give-away!!! You need to hop, skip, or jump over to Mr. Tim's page and read all about this! He's giving away two things: either a blog makeover by Drama Mama designs or the whole Twilight book series in hardback.
I haven't completely gotten into the Twilight mania, but I did read the first book a few weeks ago... and let me just say, I'm wishing, hoping, and crossing my fingers for that set! Ha!

The second give-away is by Prep in the City and she is giving away loads of cupcake stuff.. Do NOT go over there!! :)

And in other news, please please please pray for my grandparents. My grandma has lung cancer, and it has spread throughout her body, including to her liver. The doctors have only given her two to six weeks left with us, and we are all just heartbroken. Pray especially hard for my grandpa, because they are just absolute best friends, and his world is going to just crumble around him. Thanks in advance, and I'll keep everyone updated.


Kayla said...

Oh, honey...I just love you.

Tim said...

Wow! Your Grandmother is so in our prayers. I lost my grandmother to cancer about two years ago and it was no fun. She was 92 so she had lived a long life. I will pray for your entire family and especially your grandfather.

I got all your entries registered. Good luck maybe you will win those books!

Oh and I dont know how well you know Kayla, but she is one of my favorite people. You will never find anyone sweeter than her.

Love and Prayers,


Jacquie said...

You know I'm praying for y'all!!

I bought the first Twilight book but haven't had time to start it yet (even when my power was out all that time!). I'm thinking I need to start it soon.

Ruggy13 said...

I'm so sorry about your grandparents. Your whole family is in my prayers!