Thursday, February 5, 2009


I saw this on my BFF Kayla's page... and thought I would do one myself. Thanks for the idea, friend. :)

25 Things About Me:

1. I'm an impulse buyer. I have so much stuff I don't need, that I just snatch up because it was cute or on sale. And when I want something- I want it NOW!!!

2. I used to play Barbies OBSESSIVELY when I was younger. I had sooo many, and I would name them after family members and make little scenarios and houses for them. My mom has some home videos, and they are hilarious :)

3. I'm obsessed with "capturing memories". I am always saying to Eric, "it's for memories" so we can look back and remember how it used to be when we were young and in love {because then, we'll be old and in love!!!}.

[me in Reno, Nevada this summer. It was Eric and my first "vacation" together, where I met his parents and played slot machines for the first time in my life!]
4. I've dyed my hair black for the past 4 years, with the exception of when I turned 21 and decided to take it all out. 7 hour process and 4 different shades of color on my head... I went back to black. :)

5. I want to be domestic. I love looking at other people's homes and stuff they bake- and I write down all sorts of ideas, but always fall short of actually completing them.

6. I won the spelling bee championship at my school for two years in a row and got to go to the county bee. I cried for forever when I lost the third year.

7. Basketball became my thing in the fourth grade when I was a head and a half taller than all the other girls {and boys, ha!} in my grade. It carried me all throughout middle and high school and really helped my find my place, so to speak. I played at school and also on a traveling team in the summer, and sometimes I really miss it.

8. I went to fill out the volunteer packet at our local animal shelter a few months ago and made the mistake of walking through the kennels and looking at the dogs before I asked. I started cry-cry-crying and left before I filled it out because I was so sad for all those dogs in there. {I have every intention of trying again!}

9. My sister and I used to play under this huge tree in the middle of a cow pasture at my grandparent's. We had our little "oven" and in the summer we would go out and put cow patties in the oven and call them cakes. Baby cow patties would be our cinnamon rolls. Ha!

10. My first job was a carhop at Sonic. I started in 10th grade and worked until my senior year. In the summer I wore the red shirt, khaki shorts, and red Sauconys. I thought it looked so cute- but now I just wonder what the heck I was thinking!!!

11. My grandma used to take me back to school shopping every year before school started and let me go to the mall {where my mom would only let me get things from wal-mart!} so I thought she was so cool. Now she has lung cancer, and we just learned it has spread to her liver and other places, so please please please put her on your prayer lists.

12. I'm in LOVE with accents. British and Irish will make me melt into a puddle at your feet!!

13. My niece, Kapriel, is the light of my life. I love the days when she spends the night and go eat the chinese buffet or decorate cupcakes or watch a Bratz movie 13 times in a row! This girl is 6 going on 16!

14. I gag really easily and anything can set me off. One time, my parents and sister were driving me to spend the night with a friend and Tana {sister} started talking about boogers and pretending she had one on her finger. I told her to quit and immediately started gagging. She and my dad thought it was sooo hilarious, so they kept going and so I threw up in my hands. It's disgusting, I know, but I warned them! And SHE still brings it up all the time.

15. I studied Spanish for two years in high school, one year in college, and took a 8 week adult ed. class. I love the language {not to mention, it's super practical to know it} and I can't wait to learn more and become fluent.

16. I could alternate between beef chimichangas and ham & cheese omelets for the rest of my life and be okay with it. Seriously.

17. I can't to start planning my wedding :) My boyfriend, on the other hand, needs to kick it into high gear! No pressure, but seriously, come on already... haha

[save the date idea i LOVE!!!]

18. My mom used to not let me cut my hair because it grows so long, and she can't get hers to even grow to her shoulders!

[the shortest hair i've had in a LOOONG time. I think my mom may have cried! :)]

19. The one {and only} time I donated blood, they ruptured a vessel or vein or something and my arm was black from a few inches above my wrist to mid-arm. And it was the day before my junior prom.

[P.S., this is the morning AFTER prom...sooo... ha]
20. I want to live in a another city/state for at least a year before I have kids/get a house. It seems so exciting to me.

21. My dog, Chuy, has a whole closet full of outfits. Some sweaters, a winter jacket, two Halloween outfits, and a couple of "every-day" shirts! Ha! I cannot help it- he looks so cute dressed up and I love buying stuff for him. I've been forbidden to buy anymore, but if it's on sale does it really count??!!?

22. I read a lot of books. Most of my friends don't know that, but while they're all out partying and drinking, I would rather be at home with my puppies and boyfriend reading a love story!

23. I want to travel the world. Ireland would be my first stop, then England, London, and everywhere in between!!! And big cities here in the US too like NYC and Chicago. One day!

24. I've always wanted to have identical twin girls! They won't have rhyming names, but they WILL dress alike. My grandma was a twin, so I'm hoping the generation skip will up my chances.

25. I wear size 11 shoes. BOO!!! Or as my grandpa likes to call them "canoes" Ha.Ha. Ha.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it :)



Kayla said...

#2- I was never into the Barbie thing. Everytime I got one, 15 mintues later, she would have a different length of hair. Guilty!
#6- I BAWLED my eyes out when I came in 2nd place in the spelling bee! I was NOT a happy camper!
#9- Cow patties? Poop??????
#13- That little princess puts a smile on my face!
#14- Go ahead and edit your post to take this one out. K, thanks! Hehe!
#17- Start planning?? Riiiiiggghhhhttt!
#19- That could NEVER happen to me. I've got some amazing blood, giving veins. Maybe that's a sign that I need to do it more often! It doesn't bother me a bit!
#21- Poor Sam....
#23- Let's go!


Jacquie said...

OK, #21 is evidence of #1!! Ha!

And if you aren't THE CUTEST girl I've EVER seen in a basketball uniform!!! I'd SO love to train you... you have great muscle structure! (I bet you haven't heard that often in your life.)

I love an accent! SCOTTISH (Gerard Butler), Irish, Aussie, English!

I'm sorry about your grandma. I'll be praying. David lost both his parents to cancer... his mom was only 53 when she died and his Dad died almost 3 years ago. Hard times.

I loved reading this post...

Emily said...

Oh my gosh!!! Your arm after you gave blood, I cannot get over it. I have never seen that happen before!