Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have a funny story, but first I need to give you all a little backstory so you can fully understand...

- Two nights ago, Eric had poker night and they moved the poker table into the dining room since it's so cold in the garage. I had my butt firmly planted on the couch {blogging!} and on the TV was a paused Madden game.

-Brandon is Eric's best friend, and Becca is Brandon's wife. All three of them work together at a restaurant.

- I've been LUSTING after a ring for a whiiiile :)

Okay, so Eric and I are eating at Denny's and he tells me that today one of the guys from poker asked him if I was playing Madden the other night. Eric replies, "No, if she could kick my butt in Madden, I would have married her already!" {This is where my eyes get big! Ha!} Becca looks over and giggles and says Why do you think I played poker with you guys...just long enough to get a ring! Eric said poor Brandon just shook his head.

The first thing out of my mouth?

I'll play Madden with you when we get home!!


Kayla said...

You better get to practicing!!!

Perhaps I should learn to write computer programs??? or learn to play the piano???

This IS the year!

Jacquie said...

HaHa! That's funny.

And you and Kayla are working it hard, aren't you?

Emily said...

Id start playing madden nonstop and become a pro:) What a fun story tho:) At least he mentions marrying you.. that is a good good thing! you 2 are darling together.. just darling!! love your blog bye the way:)