Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Recap

Saturday was my 23rd birthday! I took the day off and spent it with Eric. We had such a fun, relaxing day. I slept in then we went to eat Mexican food... which is a treat itself just because Eric hates mexican food, so we don't go to eat it very often :( wah wah!
I had fajita nachos and he had fajitas.

Then we met up with my work friend Sunny at the movie theatre and saw New Moon. (Another sweet move on Eric's part b/c girly movies are NOT his cup of tea :))

We met up with my sister and neice around 8 and took some pictures on the square. So pretty, looks even better than last year- there were more trees lit up and a cute little carousel to ride. Kap wanted to ride the camels, but we decided to save it for another day!

Me and diggy

Then I went to my friend Julie. She got me these cute cupcakes (and guarded the leftovers until I went back over yesterday..haha) Love her!

Baby bears <3

Jessie met up with us and we all headed to Dickson. I love our hair constrast in this picture. I had to say all night, "I'm with the blondes!"

We went all Captain Planet and wore these rings all night. I apparently had a meltdown at the end of the night when I discovered I went home with the green one instead of my original red.. Voicemails were left...wasn't pretty. ;)

We headed to Amendment 21 and got the best seats right in the front, where it is open cafe style and could watch all the people walk by. Plus the breeze was aweeesome.
I had such a fun birthday and I'm glad I got to spend it with such fun people who I love so much!

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Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a good time, your pictures are so cute! :)