Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm AWFUL at keeping surprises... I get so excited that I want to tell them now! now! now! to see their reactions. So...unfortunately.. I started a little bit early with my Christmas shopping for Eric this year. I ordered it online and got it about 3 days later. So I go home, wrap it, and put it on the kitchen table.

Cue Eric coming in from work. I bounce up and start begging him to open everything! Haha! He didn't want to but I convinced him (read: kept begging).

He wanted Giants stuff, so when I found this sport shop where everything was really reasonable I got super excited. Some of the stuff went for this:

His new truck! Yay, we are both so excited (especially me since he's not driving around that little girly-man car anymore!)

So Merry Christmas Eric! Haha

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