Friday, November 20, 2009

New Bed and Clean Closet :)

I finally got around to fixin up the doll bed that I got for Chuy at the flea market! A can of spray paint and a rummage through my mom's linen closet and we went from this:

to this!:

I decided to just go with an old pillow and pillowcase so it could be washed more often!
Plus it's satiny and soft so all the ladies will love it ;)

Then it was time to go through Chuy's closet... he's putting on his "winter weight" and we can't even get some of them fastened! Fatty!s

Saying goodbye to everything that doesn't fit.

I don't care what Eric says... Chuy LOVES wearing his clothes! When he sees me going over to his closet, he gets so super excited and follows me around until I put something on him!


The Graves Gang said...

Adorable! & of course all "men" like to be styling as well so my grand-dog has to be handsome!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love that you spoil your dog! So do I :)