Thursday, October 22, 2009

fun finds

I popped into the flea market on my way from work today, and found this cute little "doll" bed that I'm going to make into a bed for Chuy!!! It's pink and missing a few boards, but for $12.... haha
I'm going to paint his name right there on the side and...

I think I'm going to paint it black with a leopard print cushion/pillow to lay on! To match:

the other find I got!! A fun little papasan chair!

So tonight starts my weekend... and it should be a fun one. Tomorrow I'm gonna go hang out with my mom tomorrow, hopefully use my "paint your own pottery" gift card that Eric gave me for Christmas LAST YEAR and then I'm going with friends to Tulsa to a haunted house. Saturday I'm sleeping in (!), going to a baby shower and then working at night.

Right now... pizza and a movie with my mister!


The Graves Gang said...

Love that you are letting those creative thoughts out... You are very talented!

MissJody said...

Very Cute :)
I hope you find great fun things with your Mom :)