Friday, March 20, 2009

Went to the Park, Be Back Soon

Yesterday I took both dogs to Wilson park, by myself. I was a little nervous because even though I usually walk them alone around the neighborhood, we don't really pass a lot of other dogs or people along the way. But they were on their best behavior and made their momma proud :) We walked around the trail (which is .9 miles. I think?) almost three times. I was hoping to get them good and tired so when we got home I could have some peace and quiet!!
Sam was so excited about this that when I got home, he gave me lots of these:

(Don't mind my face.. I just have to be careful to avoid being tounged by my dog. Not appropriate at all.)

Today and tomorrow and Sunday= work.

And Monday, Eric and I both have the whole day off! I'm trying to think of some fun things for us to do because it seems like these days are far and few between :) Have a good weekend friends!

P.S. This girl went home to visit her family and I miss her terribly!!!

Baby come back! You can blame it all on me- baaaabeee coooome baaack! Ha


Anonymous said...

Have fun on Monday!

Lil' Woman said...

Have fun with your man on Monday! :)

Jacquie said...

You are SOOO funny! That's a striking picture of Kayla.

Don't work too hard this weekend. Enjoy your Monday with your love.

Kayla said...

Oh gaw! That pic of me is just gorgeous. Ha! Maybe it's time to put that pottery painting gift certificate to good use for Monday. We know he will just love it :)

Miss you, bff! Hope to see you tomorrow!

KARA said...

wow super great exercise, I have not done any this week but thankfully didn't gain any weight although yummy/bad food day today oops.
I hope you have a fab couple day, I am sure even spending the day at home together would be good though xx

Cheryl said...

Ohh so that's why people always have that look on their face when their dogs are lick 'em
Makes so much sense now.

Enjoy Monday!

Lindsey said...

Haha love the pics!

MissJody said...

Cute pics! You have a cute dog! him!
I miss going for walks, we live in the counrty and I have to pack her up and take her somewhere...I miss walking out my front door and just doing that!
Your friend has cool sunglasses! Big J!Have a great Monday!