Monday, March 2, 2009

Taco Lasagna Tidbits

I made dinner! Yay :) I almost NEVER cook, Eric is the master chef at our house! But when I happened upon this Taco Lasagna at her blog, I KNEW what I was making for dinner tonight. Plus, it didn't hurt that it was poker night and it was pretty much a guarantee that none would be left over for me to snack on! Here's how it came out:

My layers didn't turn out as well in the pictures, but it was still delllllicous!
Don't believe me, look at this fella:
Keeping identities anonymous so his wife doesn't get mad at how much he was enjoying my food! Ha!
And another suprise, Eric's poker buddy Aaron brought over his dog, Kaylee!! She's so super cute and I think she would be the perfect girlfriend for Sam. But so far, they have not really been getting along- he's so hyper and excited to have a new friend that he's kind of scaring her and she's a little defensive. I'm crossing my fingers that they will warm up to each other!

And one last note (I know, I'm all over the place!), Eric's little sister Mercedes got engaged! I'm so excited for her. She called me tonight and told me all about how he proposed, and it sounds so sweet. She didn't take her camera (we can tell she's not a blogger, ha!) but sounded super cute!

The cute couple :)

Sadie and I last summer in Reno.

Off to bed... 7:30 comes SOOO early [tomorrow is cardio] plus I have to work both jobs, I have a feeling it might be a looong day!! You ladies have a good one :)


Jacquie said...

MMM! Taco lasagna looks good!!!

Have fun with the cardio tomorrow...

jane in the waiting line said...

i love your bangs in that last photo!

MissJody said...

Ummm... the food looks wonderful!
Cuuute couple! You do look very cute! like 'jane waiting in line said' cute bangs!

Tara Gibson said...

i want mexican food now : )

La vie est belle! said...

That looks good!

Kayla said...

Yum yum!! I'm mostly eyeing that sour it!

Lucky Sadie! OUR DAY IS COMING!!!!

Megan said...

I am going to get that recipe from the other blog..I love all things Taco & lasagna! What a perfect combination!

Do you know what type of dog your friends have...or would you ask? Our dog has a lot of similar features, and the vet doesn't know what she is. We know she is mixed with a Jack Russel Terrier, but aren't sure what else! It would be nice to finally know!

Great job keeping the identities a secret! haha i'm sure the wife won't notice her husbands shirt!

I asked David if he would wear a shirt if I got him one..his reply "yeah- why not" although I'm sure I couldn't get him to wear it the same day I wore mine--he isn't really into matching! hah

The Pink Chick said...

The taco lasagna looks so yummy!!!

Cheryl said...

Oooh what's your tattoo of?