Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Best

I had such a great day yesterday!!

First was work. Ehh. But I got off early and went to pick up my sweet little niece from my parents. We were driving down the road and saw these people from "PartyTime ponies" offering pony rides and just had to stop!!

Isn't she too cute! After that we headed to my house to scoop up my children, and then we were off to the park. I (sadly) didn't get any pictures because my hands were full with two dogs and a six year old, but we had a great time! Walked around the trail a little, and then she saw some kids from her school and played with them while the dogs and I relaxed on the grass. It was such a beautiful day!

Then we came home and she watched a movie (Thank God for instant Netflix movies, because I have NO children appropriate movies :)) and I finished up the third book of Twilight.

And later that night I went to my friend Becca's house to eat dinner and watch Twilight the movie. Of course the movie didn't live up to the books. At all. It was actually pretty horrible, and the people I imagined in my head were sooo much better than the actors (especially Alice)!! Did anyone else think that Jacob looked like an alien?

Okay I better go shower and wake up my mister, we have a fun day planned and I can't wait to get started!! Have a good Monday ladies :)


Jacquie said...

That pony ride sure looks fun... and your neice IS cute!!

You're the first I've heard to say anything negative (or anything much at all) about the movie.

Can't wait to hear if you're sore tomorrow or Wednesday from your arm workout. Ha!

Cheryl said...

... I so want a pony..

Lil' Woman said...

I want a pony :)

The Graves Gang said...

So love the last photo of L - please make me an 8x10 in black/white!! )

Have a fun day!!!

KARA said...

she is so incredably gorgeous you just want to tickle her.
Looks like fun times x
p.s. you won the necklace so email me your addy xx

Jessica said...

It sounds like you had a fun day, and your niece is adorable! Also, I couldn't agree with you more about the Jacob looking like an alien thing. lol

Anonymous said...

I almost poked my eyes out at the twilight movie which is sad because I like my eyes.

Megan said...

What a cute niece! :0) Fun weekend :)

MissJody said...

Oh my gosh she's cute and she looks like she really enjoyed herself! I'm so happy you got pics of that day and moment. :)

Tara Gibson said...

pony rides! so fun! She is a cutie