Sunday, March 15, 2009

Up in the Gym, Just Workin' On My Fitness

To Whom It May Concern,
(a recap of one fateful morning)

It was early Friday morning and the alarm clock was screaming at me to get out of my warm, cozy bed to go get hot, sweaty, and extremly out of breath. The first few times, I soothed him by saying, "just five more minutes..." Soon enough, he got tired of it and began incessantly insisting that I rise out of said bed and get moving. I dragged myself out, glancing back fornlornly at the sleeping boyfriend and two sweet puppies, who quickly occupied my still warm spot... and put on sweats and tennis shoes.

I headed over to K's apartment, pumping my self up all the way... slim and trim (that's my mantra?). We proceeded to the gym, and I proceeded to get my butt kicked up one side and down the other. Lunges, windmills,planks and pushups galore, oh my. Before I could even get the chance to catch my breath from one, it was on to the next. OH MY. See, this wasn't just a regular "work-out" day, this was the day when our own personal Jillian Micheals had come to town. And this lady wasn't messing around.

She had hair like Curly Sue and a southern accent to boot. Tried to lure me in with a sweet smile, but I knew. When she took off her jacket, and I got a good look at those biceps, I knew. This was the lady who was going to have me for breakfast... and in the end I lost mine.

For the next day and a half, every time I laughed, walked, sat, or moved I thought of her. And the scary part... I can't wait to see her again!

Still sore,

P.S. Thanks, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. (Remind me I said that next time you come to town!) Love ya :)


Kayla said...

Haha. You're cute, friend! Soo..see ya at 6:50ish? Yay for leg days! Not so yay for adding planks...but we are tough! We can do it :)

Jacquie said...

Oh, Kyla, this was hilarious!!! You're too sweet!! I'm still sorry you lost your cookies, I'll be kindler and gentler next time... or I'll try to be. You may have to remind me I said that!!

I didn't know I had a southern accent. Ha!! You forget I'm from California. (that was a long time ago though)

Keep working, girl, you've got the worst of it over. The best is YET TO COME!! And I'm getting a hold of your momma now!!

Jacquie said...

PS - Did you ever get my text?? I'm hoping some stranger didn't get it!

The Graves Gang said...

So proud of you for your determination! You'll get there just stay true to the workout!!!

MissJody said...

HA!HA! I love reading your blog! I can imagine your personality and someone I'd hang out with!
Cute post :)