Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer Re-cap

It's starting to get cooler... so I thought I would post some pictures from summer!

Eric playing poker (win me some money!!)
Bath time, Sambo!

Me and my sister after Becca's purse party...

Me, Eric, and Sam in Nevada for Sadie's graduation :)

Kappy and me hanging out down at my mom's store

BBQ at our house.. Sam and Chuy act like we never feed them!!
(I know, it's so messy on the porch!!)

My mom on Mother's Day with the lap quilt that I made for her.
(BY HAND!!!)

The boys taking a nap...
they are so sweet to each other, when they think no one is looking :)

I'm so excited about the cool weather coming. Summer was fun, but I'm so over all the sweating and having to wear my hair up every day.. haha
and I went shopping today- I got Chuy and Sam matching pumpkin t-shirts at Target (only 4.99- you can't beat that!), a new welcome mat that has a skull and crossbones and says "Keep Out", some Halloween garland for the front door (I wanted to put it out there today, but Eric vetoed that idea and said it was too early!), some new flats (note to self: Do NOT leave these shoes on the floor) and a really cute dress from Penny's. It was originally $80.00 but was on sale for $3.97!! Holy crap :)

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