Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love my dogs like you love your children :)

So, i went back to target today to exchange sam's pumpkin t-shirt (it was too small) and they didn't have any more!!! :(

But I did find the doggie "clearance aisle" and got them matching collars and leashes for $2.48 each! and i got chuy 2 new shirts and them a "Kool Dogz" toy- that you put water and squeaky toys in it and freeze it- then they lick and play with it until they melt it enough to get the toys out. It has a pitchfork base that you can put into the grass so they can play with it and stay cool when outside.. it was only $5, so what the heck!

But anyways, here are some pictures that I'm finally uploading...

In his new "ABC" hoodie.

Who needs children with dogs this cute!

I just wish he would have sat still... these could have been so cute!

Our family watch dogs:

And Sam and his dad- hanging out on the hammock. So cute!

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