Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Numero Dos

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I'm on my work computer because I dropped the laptop last night and bent the plug for the charger. :(

And since I'm at work... my picture for Day 2:

My extremely messy desk!! I have been absolutely ALL over the place today! The phone is ringing off the hook & I can't seem to finish one thing before I need to move onto the next... Ah! But underneath all that mess- I have some fun pictures of my family, friends & dogs, Kap's Softball Schedule and some other little cute stuff!

I guess that should motivate me to get back to work & clear all this mess off! 1 hour and 21 minutes until 4:30. Come on clock :)


Kayla said...

oh, sister! that desk gives me a headache! haha

Jacquie said...

Kyla... stopping at two??