Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Letters

dear cheese dip and chips,
i swear i'm having dreams about you.

dear spring break,
i wish you applied to me.

dear chicago,
why do your hotels have to be so expensive?

dear dave ramsey,
i'm still working on my baby step #1.

dear redbox,
thanks for the free movie code.

dear dogs,
thanks for trying to sneak through the gate every time i leave you outside.

dear apples with peanut butter,
your my favorite 2:00 snack.

dear brian,
i'm glad you moved out but i miss having a "dishwasher."

dear new haircut,
i'm still loving you! and the time you took off my get ready routine.
dear flip-flops,
it won't be long now!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love this post!!! I agree with most.

Kayla said...

haha love it!!

Miss Jody said...

Thank you.

now, i want layer dip.

The Graves Gang said...

Adorable post -- just like you! And hey - we have the same favorite 2p snack....

Katie said...

Love it! I wish spring break applied to me tooo! Being a "big girl" has its draw backs!