Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I shouldn't have days off...

Because I spend too much money!
I got Chuy a couple of outfits at Target's after-Halloween sale... a bumblebee costume and skull t-shirt (for half off).. I also got him a Christmas sweater and a t-shirt that says "Santa's Little Helper" and a houndstooth print shirt. I got their stockings (we have a fireplace this year, so I'm super excited about that!) and they are red with houndstooth print material and bone on it. I have some little kid size plastic hangers, and have started Chuy his own little closet in the hallway. I can never find anything big enough for Sam- but for some reason I don't think he's too upset :) I don't care if Eric makes fun of me- they are my babies and I love buying for them!!!

I want this dog bed desperately for Chuy (I found it on Etsy), as he is our little burrow-er and I know he would love it!!!

Maybe for Christmas!!!

And this one for Sam, as he will just plop down anywhere :)

Too bad it's 110.00 dollars ON SALE :( Anyone know someone who sews? It doesn't look like that hard of a pattern!!!

I found this collar on Etsy- it's the cutest pattern of weiner dogs- and they sew your dogs name/info onto it. I love it!!!

Maybe Eric wouldn't make fun of me for buying so many dog clothes if I got them a Giants shirt!!

If I could have another dog, I reallyyyy reallly want a Boston Terrier!!! They are the cutest things ever- and it would HAVE to be a girl! I'm so tired of finding the cutest dresses and pink shirts and no reason to buy them!! I know I don't have the time/money for another one-but I can always look, right? :)

oookkkayy- I'm done dreaming for now :) Good night!

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