Friday, November 21, 2008


so it's friday night and i'm not working. what fun and mischief am i getting into instead? NONE.
as of right now i've:
  • taken a shower
  • made an egg sandwich
  • worked on swap-bot packages
  • reorganized all my shoes
  • laundry
  • yelled at the dogs (they tear the stuffing out of ANYTHING)
  • watched mtv all night.

gaaahhh. i can't believeeee this is my friday night. so in the interest of making future friday nights off- i have decided to begin accepting applications for the enviable position of my BFF.

1) Name:

2) Nickname:

3) If I choose to make up a nickname for you, as I most certainly will, do you have any names that are strictly off limits (ex. “Doofus,” “Bozo,” etc…)?

5) Who is your current or most recent best friend?

6) Reason for ending relationship:

7) What qualities do you possess that you feel could not be satisfied by a more traditional best friend, like a dog? Use another sheet of paper if necessary.

8)What is the latest/earliest that you will accept phone calls?

9) Identify the films from which the following quotes were taken:

A) “Boo, you whore"

B) I swear to God, I'll pistol whip the next guy who says shenaningans!

C) You shut your mouth when your talking to me.

I0) It's Monday night, I have to be home at 9:00 to watch _________?

11.) You like, no LOVE, reality shows. True or False.

I’ll be announcing/embarrassing/plagiarizing the winner soon. ;)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I love the application Kyla. I pretty much did the same thing tonight except I took a shower this morning, didn't organize my shoes, didn't yell at dog, did watch tv, but not MTV. We should get out more!! HA HA!!