Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I just got off work and all anyone could talk about was the Halloween party a guy we work with is having tonight. I'm not going (because I don't drink, have to get up early for a work meeting, and really just didn't want to.) My old roommate lives in Fort Smith, but I didn't want to drive all the way down there and then turn right around. And my best friend is 4 hours away, so that was a big NO. But now I'm definatly wishing that I had just got a costume anyway because I'm sure I could have found something to get into!!!
I don't know what I would've been but here's a couple that I've found (and I reallly want this tutu- even for not Halloween days!)
(It's on

I swear I would just wear it around the house, or grocery shopping, or whatever!!!
or the Queen of Hearts:

Anyways- I'm about to go dye my hair and play with the dogs for a while- then bed... tomorrow I get to throw away the jack-o-lanterns and put up the fall wreath... yay :)

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The Graves Gang said...

NOOOOOOO - Black hair please... You are beautiful - just the way you are!